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Don't get stuck at a PT mill. A PT mill is a physical therapy facility where the therapist sees you for 5-10 minutes if you are lucky. Next visit you are passed onto an unqualified person. Treatment involves heat and some unguided exercise and you're done. You'll see someone different every time with no personalization or one on one time, with no results.

At PRO-TEK Physical Therapy you get the same physical therapist with over 25 years of experience in every treatment. Not only that, you get a therapist that does manual therapy. Joe Collura, PT is highly trained in myofascial release.

Your treatment is one on one, manual-based, and gets results. We get to the root of the problem and get you back to doing the things you love to do.

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The benefits of healthy eating are endless. Making sure you have the right nutrients is so crucial and not only lowers the risk of certain diseases but also supports and keeps our muscles and bones strong, as well as helps our digestive system function. Certain foods groups such as whole grains, fruits, vegetables, starches, and fish are important for one to incorporate into their diet.


Dark green vegetables are important to have 3-4 times a week. Good choices would be kale, spinach, and broccoli.

Whole Grains

Whole grains are important to incorporate 2-3 times a week. Good choices of whole grains are oatmeal, wheat, quinoa, or barley, which are great sources of fiber.

Beans, Lentils, and Fish...

A serving of beans or lentils is important to have once a week. Beans and lentils can be added to soups or stews.

2-3 servings of fish a week is important. Fishes such as salmon, trout or sardines are good choices and are rich in protein.

Stay away from saturated fats...

Saturated fat is a type of fat where the fatty acid chains have single bonds. Saturated fat is found in cakes, fatty red meats such as sausages and beef, cheeses, etc.

Eating too many foods that contain saturated fats can raise and build up cholesterol in your arteries, which can increase the risk of stroke and heart disease.

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Listen to your body. Yes, it talks to you. Your body will give you warning signs like muscle aches, tightness and fatigue. All signs that something bigger may come if you don’t take action.

Our minds are very powerful and can override the warning signs to allow us to get through each day. But at some point the body can’t take any more. That’s when the pain knocks you to your knees.

Patients tell me they were just hit with this excruciating pain out of nowhere. But at some point they recognize that the warning signs were there way before the pain became unbearable.

This is why getting treated regularly is so important. I have to work. I have kids. I just don’t have the time. If you don’t invest in yourself, your health, your well being, then you will not be able to work, be there for the kids or have time to do anything, because you’ll be in constant pain. You don’t want to wait for the symptoms to get so bad that you can’t function. You don’t want the things you love doing to be taken away from you. Whether it be the job, the kids, walking or hiking.

You deserve to work on yourself. Myofascial release is a way to minimize or prevent symptoms. To learn what myofascial release is and how it can help you go to, call us at 718-489-3535 or send us an email at

Other helpful tips:

  • Get a good night sleep

  • Take breaks throughout the day

  • Meditate

  • Do yoga

  • Keep hydrated

  • Get treatment

  • Make time for yourself. You deserve it.

Joseph Collura, PT

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