Safe and Effective

Laser therapy includes a non-invasive light that touches the skins exterior and delivers light energy to the tissue.

This form of therapy helps reduce muscle pain and spasms, joint pain, arthritis, and muscle stiffness. In addition, laser therapy assists in relaxation of muscle tissue and increases blood circulation. Laser therapy increase ATP production, and speeds up the process of bone repair.

Three wavelengths of light:

- Super Pulsed Laser: 905nm. High powered light; allows photons to drive deep into tissues. Reduces pain, improves micro-circulation.

- Infrared SLDs: 875nm. shallower depths, broad spectrum of coverage

- Pulsed red LEDs: 660nm. Most shallow depth.

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Begin sitting towards the edge of a chair with feet and knees further than shoulder width apart.  Bring your hands down towards floor as in image and feel the low back stretch. Breath in the nose and out the mouth.  With each breath out you may be able to bend further.  Hold for 5 breaths. Repeat 2-3x’s.

Now with one hand on one knee slide the other hand toward the outside of the ankle as pictured above.  Feel the stretch on the side of your back. Breath in the nose and out the mouth 5 breaths sliding a little further each breath out. Repeat 2-3x’s.  When lifting up push your hand on your knee to help. Then repeat on other side. 

*DISCLAIMER* Please consult a healthcare professional before attempting exercise.

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First image: When bringing back towards ceiling keep head down, straighten arms and push through arms. Hold 5-10 secs.

Second image: When extending keep elbows bent, curl toes under, let stomach drop towards floor. Hold 5-10secs.  

*DISCLAIMER* consult a physical therapist before trying.

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