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Try PT Before Your MRI…

Although MRIs are important for doctors to confirm and show their patients injuries, MRIs will not give you the full picture as to what is going on.


After getting an MRI, you may have to undergo more procedures or surgeries in hopes of relieving your pain. However, the surgeries and procedures following your MRI are not a 100% recovery guarantee. In fact, 50% of patients who resort too surgery to relieve their low back pain suffer from Failed Low Back Pain Syndrome. This is when patients continue to have persistent or recurrent symptoms after spinal surgery.



PT for Low Back Pain:

  • better results than surgery

  • much less expensive than both an MRI and surgery

  • doesn't put your health at risk



An MRI is needed when:

  • you are experiencing symptoms such as

bladder disorders, drop foot, or have a history of cancer.


At PRO-Tek Physical Therapy, we help you get your life back again without the pain killers, surgeries, or multiple trips to doctors offices. We also give you a proper diagnosis, and get to the root of your pain.

Our approach has consistently proven to have produced results in patients that last. Recovery begins with a free phone consult, call us today or click the link below to be directed to our website.  

Joseph Collura, PT

Myofascial Release Therapist

PRO-TEK Physical Therapy, PLLC

17-06 Utopia Parkway, Whitestone,NY, 11357

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