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Cobra Pose

Begin by laying face down. Tighten your abdominal muscles and your glutes. (buttocks), then prop up SLOWLY onto your forearms. There should be some pressure in the low back or mild discomfort. There should not be any sharp pain. Stay on forearms and do not attempt to lift elbows as pictured in the bottom image.

Hold any from 3-10 secs. Repeat 3-5x’s at first. Slowly work your way up to 10x’s.

You can progress to the bottom image once there is no discomfort at all with being on your forearms. In the bottom image press up putting your weight through you index fingers. Lifte your elbows up, but keep elbows in tight at your side as if there is a ball between your elbows and you are trying to squeeze it.

DISCLAIMER: Please Consult a Healthcare Professional Before Attempting Exercise

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