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Begin by laying face down. Tighten your abdominal muscles and your glutes. (buttocks), then prop up SLOWLY onto your forearms. There should be some pressure in the low back or mild discomfort. There should not be any sharp pain. Stay on forearms and do not attempt to lift elbows as pictured in the bottom image.

Hold any from 3-10 secs. Repeat 3-5x’s at first. Slowly work your way up to 10x’s.

You can progress to the bottom image once there is no discomfort at all with being on your forearms. In the bottom image press up putting your weight through you index fingers. Lifte your elbows up, but keep elbows in tight at your side as if there is a ball between your elbows and you are trying to squeeze it.

DISCLAIMER: Please Consult a Healthcare Professional Before Attempting Exercise

Disclaimer: Please consult a healthcare professional before attempting exercise.

Begin laying on back with one knee bent and crossing other leg over bent knee as in image above. Gently push down on knee towards your feet. Hold 20-30 secs. Repeat 2-3x’s

As the first stretch gets easier you can advance to the above image where you cross the leg and then lift the knee up with your hands. In the above image you would feel the stretch in the right hip/backside. Hold 20-30 secs. Repeat 2-3x’s


Advanced Stretching

Sitting in a chair cross one leg over opposite knee as in image above. Keep spine as straight as possible. Lean forward and away from crossed leg. In above image you would lean forward with back straight and toward left knee. This stretches the right side. Hold 20-30 secs. 2-3x’s.

Standing place one leg on a low table as above image with hands on table. With spine straight lean forward to feel stretch in hip/backside. Hold 20-30 secs. 2-3x’s.


FINAL Progression (Advanced Stretch)

Cross one leg under other leg as in image above. Keep elbows slightly bent. Slowly lean forward to feel stretch in crossed leg. Hold 30 secs. Eventually, you can hold 3-5 mins. 2-3x’s

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Disclaimer: please consult a healthcare professional before attempting exercise.

Begin sitting in chair with one hand holding the bottom or side of chair. Keep head straight looking forward as in image on left. Reach over your head with the other arm just above the ear. Gently lower head towards opposite side bring the ear closer to the shoulder as in image on the right. You will feel the stretch on the opposite side of the direction your head is going. Hold 20-30 secs. Repeat 2-3x’s. Eventually you can hold it longer 2-3 mins. Repeat both sides.

Begin seated as in image. One elbow is bent as if you’re scratching your back. Elbow is pointed to the ceiling. The other hand reaches to the back and side of the head gently lowering the head to the opposite knee. If it’s your righ hand as in image above you are lowering head to the right knee. Keep opposite elbow pointing up to the ceiling. Hold 30 secs. Repeat 2-3xs.

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