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PT can help you get your life back again- avoiding painkillers, surgeries, injections, and multiple trips to doctor's offices.

Physical Therapists are specialized in helping people avoid and treat pain, so you should definitely see us first before other interventions. However, it is not a quick fix, and in addition to the therapist, patients also have to put in the work in order to get their desired results.

Here at PRO-Tek, we have a manually-based therapist, who focuses on manual work with a specialty in myofascial release. If you are still unsure and hesitant, give us a call today to speak to our Physical Therapist to decide if PT is right for you.

Recovery begins with a free phone consult, call us today!

Joseph Collura, PT Myofascial Release Therapist PRO-TEK Physical Therapy, PLLC 17-06 Utopia Parkway, Whitestone, NY, 11357 718-489-3535

Begin on your forearms and knees as in image. Have knees a little wider than shoulder width and have feet together. Now lower your upper body towards your forearms. Then tuck your chin in (head towards the celing) as you press up off your forearms. This is like a push up off your forearms while keeping your chin tucked. Repeat 10x’s. 1-3 Sets

DISCLAIMER: Please consult a healthcare professional before attempting exercise.

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Stand facing a doorway like picture

2.) Tighten abs and backside.

3. Draw hips forward and slowly look up.

Should feel gentle pressure in low back. Not pain.

Hold 10 seconds. Repeat 3x/a day

DISCLAIMER: Please consult a healthcare professional before attempting exercise.

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